What Is Your (My) Purpose Of Life?

Purposeful life = Meaningful life. This is purely subjective when it comes to our lives individually. Purpose and meaning of your life must be defined by yourself. That is how my purpose of life differs from yours. As your purpose of life changes your meaning of life also changes. Whereas, when we try to define ‘the purpose’ of life instead of ‘your/my purpose’, we all get the same meaning and definition of life which we discussed in the previous post.

What is purpose of life? Is it our goals or ambitions or wishes in life? No. Then what? Our purpose of life is the single cause that we are living our entire life for. Do we have ONE like that? Most of us do not have one yet. If so, we don’t have meaning of life too. Think about it. Living for the sake of living is not a purposeful and meaningful life. That kind of a life is with everything in this world like stars, planets, mountains, rivers, trees, animals, birds, and man too. Purpose comes from deliberation and deliberation is the result of reflection and reflection is the faculty of consciousness and consciousness is the power of developed mind and we have such kind of a mind in us. Ignoring our developed state and living our natural instinct is easy but not meaningful because it’s not purposeful.

If we don’t have purpose in life, we will only have scattered goals unaligned each other. We set them time to time, achieve them one by one, and finally we die away with goals many attained and more unattained. This is not different from foxes set on their preys whenever they get hungry one after another. If you have a purpose in life, your meaning of life is already defined. When you live for that cause or purpose, you keep adding on your meaning of life. Yes, your purpose of life is something that gives meaning for your life. All your goals set in your life are actually revolving around your purpose of life. The legacy of your purpose of life will continue even after your death. You will be remembered for your purpose of life.

Then again, what is purpose of life? If you compare your life to a small journey you made, you can say your aim of that journey is your purpose of life. Your aim of that journey can be meeting a friend or visiting a place or attending a conference or closing a business or making anything else. In order to fulfil that aim you have to accomplish many other things focusing on your aim of your journey. You have to calculate your duration of the trip, check your route to there, fix your mode of transportation, and finalize available accommodation facilities. You have to arrange your baggage to carry, your clothes to wear, your money for expenses, and your items required on the way. You have to book your tickets and block your dates. You have to manage your family, delegate your duties, and organize your personal and professional affairs. Above all, you have to prepare yourself concretely for the success of your aim of the journey. This is just a small list of focused changes and activities you made for a small journey. Consider your purpose of life in a bigger picture. Your aim of that small journey is the purpose of that big life in our comparison. Just examine how many factors involved in a small trip when you took that in a serious manner. All your life made a considerable shift in accordance with the aim of that journey. All your affairs rearranged around your journey and all your journey designed around your aim. Your baggage was with items required for your aim and its pursuit. Your routes were directed to achieve your aim and its pursuit. Your preparations were around your aim and its pursuit. This is how your life changes when you dis over your purpose of life.

Your purpose of life has multiple goals to achieve, various ambitions to conquer and different wishes to fulfil. But all they are and will be focused on your purpose of life. Just like all the planets revolves around their star. Each of your goals achieved are the milestones you scaled in your purpose of life. Which means your goals in life have no complete meaning by their own but they all have a collective meaning when they are attuned to your purpose of life. Once you have a definite purpose, it’s easy to set goals to scale your milestones, manage resources to attain them and plan strategies to reach your destinations. Your purpose of life can be one and the strategies you take to achieve can be many. Still, I can say that you will have a prime strategy to achieve your purpose of life and which would be the most comfortable and effective one for you.

Finding your prime strategy is so crucial to make your journey to fulfil your purpose easy and efficient. For example, imagine, helping others is your purpose of life. Now, think about what is your unique way of doing it and that is going to be your strategy of helping others. You can educate the poor children, you can nurse the wounded, you can organize the marginalized, you can rehabilitate the victims of disasters, you can fight for the rights of women, you can practice a paradigm to eradicate poverty, you can work for the world peace, and you can do many more. All these areas have scope of your own unique way of interventions. Again, your purpose can be environmental protection or saving this planet or technological innovations or promotion of indigenous art or generation of employment or anything else. All they await your special way of interventions. Do it. Whatever you do, its legacy will continue in this world for sure. Once you discover your purpose, its easy to devise your strategy to achieve that. Your purpose of life and your strategy of intervention can’t be considered separately. They are one and unique as you are discovering and defining them together through your interventions. Thus, your purpose begin to define meaning for your life. A purpose not pursued has no meaning at all. It remains just a lifeless idea and there is no scarcity for ideas in this world. Only when you begin to practice a purpose in your own unique way, it gets the aura of ‘your’ purpose and ‘your’ meaning of ‘life’. Now, the thrust here is discovering your purpose of life and deciding your way of addressing that. Please wait for me to come again here to know how. Thanks.


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