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Avoid Occasions (For Better Living)

You must have noticed the label on some packages: ‘Fragile! Handle with Care!’ When we seriously think about life, the label is very much applicable to it. Life is something fragile if we do not handle that with great care. If you think, let your life go on its own course, the label is not appropriate to your life. But, there will come some time when you realize that the label is valid for your carefree life too, even though you don’t care for that and go past ignoring such occasions. Interestingly, it is not because the label is irrelevant, but because you don’t value that. Anyway, a purposeful life cannot ignore the warning and live life without any precautions for the future. Because, there are variety of situations that can spoil many of your precious aspects of life if you don’t take strict preventive measures not to happen anything such. I made a detailed study on such occasions in people’s lives that must be avoided for a better living and a rewarding future. 1.     That Spoil

Who Is Free?

When we look around, we see some people enjoying higher degree of freedom in life than we do. Though they are a very few in number they grab our attention by their charm beyond their beauty and our admiration by their grace beyond their smile. We wish to relish the same amount of freedom in our life too. But how? You know, we also can enjoy the same amount of freedom if we can also practice what they do in their lives. When I began to notice such people (it is noticeable only when we begin to think about life a little more seriously from a meaningful perspective), I developed a kind of curiosity to study their path of life and came up with some stark findings common among them that I am going to share here with you. Those traits can be inculcated in our life and we also can experience more freedom than we do have now. 1.     1. Brave is free A coward can never be free in life but always under the bondage of his variety of fears. He is afraid of anything and everything around him.

The ‘Secret’ Behind SELF CONFIDENCE

 Though confidence is ideally universal, it is practically not so. It is ideally universal because it can be acquired by anyone in any field. But, it is not practically universal because all could not possess it and no one could possess it in all fields. It clearly indicates that self confidence is extremely strict in its selectively universal and conditionally practical nature. This realisation by itself speaks about the secret of self confidence that it is so public. Then, what is that public secret about self confidence? Let us look into that. The one who is confident in public speaking may not be so in creative writing. The other who can paint a picture well may not be confident in driving a car. Even the one who is confident in fishing may not be that confident in swimming, the skill very close to a fisherman. The confidence in fishing with a net is different from the confidence in fishing with a hook and they both are even different from the confidence in fishing with a spear. Th