Who Is Free?

When we look around, we see some people enjoying higher degree of freedom in life than we do. Though they are a very few in number they grab our attention by their charm beyond their beauty and our admiration by their grace beyond their smile. We wish to relish the same amount of freedom in our life too. But how? You know, we also can enjoy the same amount of freedom if we can also practice what they do in their lives. When I began to notice such people (it is noticeable only when we begin to think about life a little more seriously from a meaningful perspective), I developed a kind of curiosity to study their path of life and came up with some stark findings common among them that I am going to share here with you. Those traits can be inculcated in our life and we also can experience more freedom than we do have now.

1.    1. Brave is free

A coward can never be free in life but always under the bondage of his variety of fears. He is afraid of anything and everything around him. Fear is in fact the reflection of one’s ignorance and his false assumptions about realities of life. There are numerous factors playing behind one’s fears such as his childhood experiences, parenting issues, religious convictions and cultural influences. FEAR is popularly considered to be an acronym of False Enemy Appears Real. Right learning and understanding about life and world can do away most of our fears and bring about freedom to a great extent. Beat your fears of all kind by running to them, confronting them and understanding them in reality to experience more freedom. You know that even success favours only the brave. The idea does not mean that success is partial to chivalric people but that simply means the brave is more close to success to grab more opportunities without fear of risk and failure.

2.    2. Truthful is free

When you are true to yourself, others and nature around, you will experience more freedom in life. It is said that truth will set you free. Truthful people don’t worry about any unwanted consequences of their actions as they have no harmful intentions that they have to worry about. They protect themselves safe from almost all types of negative implications in life through their truthful thoughts, words and deeds. A just man is not chained inside and that inner liberty will be radiated outside in a felt manner for others. A liar will never be free within as they are always conspiring something either to cover up their wicked acts or to harm someone next.

3.    3. Flexible is free

It is rightly said, ‘flexible people never bend to break’. The same is the law of their freedom too. Because of their flexible nature they can accommodate any changes in their lives and at the same time they can be accommodated by anyone without any worries. Adamant people are always irritating in relationships and often found avoided by others. Whereas bendable people enjoy more freedom with all types of people and in all types of situations. Stretchy nature should not be considered as a weakness of individuals to take unfair advantages on them. They are flexible because they are strong and prudent enough to know where to set the boundaries and when to resist the trespasses. This wisdom is the crucial key that unlocks their superior state of freedom in life.

4.    4. Original is free

Nowadays we see fake and pretentious people more around us than before. It can be counted one among the many degenerative aspects of modernity amidst of its myriads of progressive elements. Such people pretend to be smart, wealthy, influential and significant while they are actually not so. They are not free both inside and outside. Their interior realms clash with their exterior aspects of life. They are also in the slavery of safeguarding their fake facets of life. Those original people can be perceived more spontaneous, prompt and straight in their thoughts and actions. They are generally found outspoken in their conversations in life and discussions at work. They are more creative and proactive in their own unique way as their mind functions clear without any contaminations. They grow slow and steady and finally win the race of life when fake people fall apart in the end shedding their masks one after the other.

5.    5. Excellent is free

Excellence is the only way to stand up and get noticed in your field of action. You are rewarded for your excellence in knowledge, skill and contribution to the products and services you are into. You are ultimately known for your excellence in love, care and protection of your family and among your friends. Be excellent in whatever worthy you do. Excellence renders you a hallow of authenticity and authority for your words and deeds. Thus, you become unbeatable and unavoidable in life and work. Again, if you are excellent in your craft, it will invite more income to make you free in your financial matters too. This gradual transformation to excellence result in your superior freedom in life. So, master your craft of life and work to scale a little more freedom.

What is the immediate need of the hour here is to break all your chains of fears, falsities, rigidities, duplicities and mediocrities to invite more freedom by inculcating bravery, truthfulness, flexibility, originality and excellence in your life. Now is your time!


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