Take Risks Differently

We often hear and speak about taking risk is the key to get successful and wealthy in life. True to a great extent. Here, we ironically regard highly about financial risking. We are so much conditioned to conceive that risk taking is always a monetary affair when it comes to success and prosperity. Our society and culture reinforce with the idea in our minds through models that are rare of the kind and literatures that are plenty in that sort. But, most of us are trapped in that societal fancy of impractical models to mislead our vulnerable minds to make us believe such unrealistic but fascinating models. Rare and lucky models of financially successful people who risked money to invite their fortunes are projected in front of us to fascinate us about them and their act of risking money. Again, abundant and easy collection of literatures on taking risk by those who have never taken any serious financial risk are also projected for our serious reading to make us mesmerised of the effects of risk taking with our financial savings. In fact those writers took risk and got rich not by risking their money but by risking their time, effort and skill. Remember that. They of course used the hot topic of everybody’s interest in a very smart way to sell their books very extensively in huge volumes.

They all emphasize to risk your money to get its lucrative return. Many of us ardently and desperately look for some magical and uncommon economic opportunities to risk our savings for its manifold multiplication at the soonest. In this archaically approved and appreciated race, a very few succeed and a vast majority succumb to losses in their risky economic schemes. Even then, we still continue the marathon that can be won by a very few who are financially speculative as well as circumstantially fortunate. Others miserably fail in the contest because they don't know how to really run this race and don't know how to make their environment favourable especially in the matters of making money buoyantly.

Why? Because, we have to risk only those resources that we are excellent to deal with. There arises the question, ‘how can that be a risk if we take in something that we are excellent in or sure about success?’ This is where we need to change our idea about risk. Don’t think that taking risk is an irrationally blind leap into the dark; but, it is a rationally speculative and circumstantially calculative affair of jumping into a probability of success. When we take such a risk the chances to succeed can be high. That may not be money for all of us for sure. But, there is something that is ours. Risk in that and succeed in that. Success in a blind leap is just a matter of luck that anyone can try and face its aftermath with no blames or credits to anyone else.

What can be risked wisely for our success and fortune? There are three major resources people can invest and get successful: manpower, material and money. All these can be bought and sold each other on the measuring rode of economics. Manpower can be bought by money. Material can be sold for money. Money can be earned by selling material and manpower. Material can be anything such as land, building, machine, good or product. Manpower can be in any form of time, knowledge, skill, energy or effort as a service. You can invest any one or more of yours above for your success in this life and world. That will definitely attract wealth also for you. Success is always followed by equal amount of fortune. Can same kind of success can yield different amount of fortune? Yes. It is because of the deference of place, time, person and their existing and continuing conditions of both the successes. Same kind of success may make one lazy to enjoy its results and may make another inspired to achieve more. That’s all.

Using any of your available resources you can buy other required resources for your field of operations. Most of the businesses and enterprises involve all the above three major resources in one or the other forms. Their distributive ratio can be different based on the nature of the initiative. Discover the right venture where you can invest the best resources you have for your success and fortune. Don't take it amiss that you have to necessarily invest your money to yield more money. Identify the best resources you have, find the best business you can invest your best resources, and strategize the game with them to invite the best fortune you possibly can. Done! This is taking risks REAL!


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