Whenever You Fail, THINK!

When you fail in any of your attempts, think that the plans you fabricated for the tasks were not effective enough to invite desired results. That’s for sure! Revise your plans all the more foolproof and try again. Results are always awaited for the right pursuers. So, never quit until you are done. You will never quit something you think inevitably important to you. We tend to quit something that does not fascinate us. Still, we try for a few such things as just matters of luck; and, success in such attempts is also just a matter of luck. Probability to fail is high in such scenarios. We quit them without any regard or regret to those losses and never make any more try even. Whereas, you value something high and spend a considerable amount of preparation for gaining that, you cannot quit and forget that anyway. Such dreams will frequently prop up in your mind as a reminder to insist you for further tries.

When you go for your next try, you will never go the way you went earlier, because you will be more experienced and prepared with the test of your previous failure. It is supremely important to make yourself convinced that you are solely responsible for your success and failure in all your attempts in one or the other way. But, sometimes failures can be because of you environments that was not conducive to bring in positive results for your efforts. This is the only case where you can escape from the responsibility of your failure to a small extent. Even it being so, I would say that was just an excuse in disguise in your favor just to convince others about your helplessness in that event. Do you know why? Because, you had two options to consider in advance through right analysis and speculation: one, avoid unfavorable conditions beforehand to clear your way on; and two, fight against the unflavored conditions anyway to yield desired result. And now, even after your failure, you have two more options in line in front of you: one, try the same again until you succeed; and two, try for even better based on your chances ahead. No quitting and no blaming at all!

Quitting and blaming are the same in its strict sense. We normally quit with blames. Blame is your irrational game of justification to quit. What is desirable here is revising your plan for a retry or devising a strategy for something better. I would recommend the latter. Why because, you deserve the latter as you have already made a considerable amount of preparation in your previous attempt and have gained a significant level of experience to dream about achieving something higher. I don’t know id you agree with or think attune to my logic in this perspective. Yes, I think in this way because I cannot think otherwise in any given situations as I am trained to think positively all the time. Hence, all my solutions to all the problems I address will always have hues of positivity even when all around me see otherwise; and, I am proudly sorry for that!


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