Purpose of Life: Science vs Religion

Are you still confused about the fundamental aim of your life? Are you still in search of any supreme purpose and meaning for your life? Please don’t! There is no metaphysical aim, purpose or meaning for your life in this world or beyond. Our life is nothing special in this gigantic cosmic phenomena other than any other organisms or objects have here. Our deceptive mind fabricated some stories of consolation over our ignorance about this infinite world and our clever intellect coined some beliefs of life after death over our helplessness about this finite body. We are still in the furnace of those genetically imprinted dogmas and unwilling to rewrite the reality even after our scientific understanding about this universe. That is why world renowned scientists who scientifically know earth, sun, stars and galaxies ascribe the science of all those phenomena in a god. They believe that ‘god makes sun rises in the east’ instead to know that ‘sun rises in the east’. They are incapable of re-scripting their long transmitted stories inscribed in their genetics even out of their rigorous learning and their powerful understanding about science of this world and its functioning. One or two more generations of progression in the evolutionary program will resolve all those issues by transcription of new data in our DNA of learning and understanding. And, our search for purpose and meaning of life is also inherently related to our wish for the continuity of our micro life against the permanence of our macro universe. Our small mind is not ready to believe that our existence is part and parcel of this macro system; but, we want to believe that our existence is super important in this world at micro level. If you are willing to know the holistic nature of this macro phenomena, we will be able to understand the insignificance and minor roles of micro matters in this system. But, be positively happy and be optimistically open to accept our continuous micro roles in different forms in this permanent macro system. Thus, you realize your eternity in this mega cosmic phenomenon. Ironically our small egotistic minds are not large enough to embrace such a beautiful and holistic understanding about our existence here. We ironically need importance to our small life at micro level in this world and we are adamant to that with interpretations to convince ourselves often desperately despising our scientific expositions about life and world.

Anyway, let me be very strict and precise about my take on the basis of all the above: there is no special or metaphysical aim for human or anything else’s life here. But, we have very natural and worldly aims and plans along with purposes and meanings in this life. Being intelligent, we luckily have some roles in the course evolution around us and some control in the executions of plans around us. Enjoy some of those favors of this universe to that some extent for us! If you are willing to embrace these undeniable realities, you will be free of irrational preoccupations about life and its affairs. You can live a free and happy life here in this world; and, enjoy what world has to offer in every moment of your life. When you try to interpret all these realities in your own way with your own limited brain on your own minimum knowledge about all these just to satisfy your micro mind, you are, in fact, wasting your limited time in human form here and has nothing to do with your interpretation to this macro universe. Everything around you will revolve on its own course except some granular effects in the human lives you influence by your interpretations. Hence, believe in what is real and in what is scientific. That’s it.

As I have mentioned in many of my previous titles, ‘Healthier and Happier Coexistence’ is the purpose of life for human beings today. This is nothing metaphysical but very natural instinct getting genetically transmitted to every organisms from their predecessors. When it comes to humans, the latest and the finest edition of the evolutionary program, we can add a little bit hues of intelligence in this for better living compared to other known creatures around us with inferior intelligences. But, that doesn’t mean that we tiny humans can redefine the system of this universal order placing us the center of this gigantic program just to satisfy our intellectual concerns or mental dispositions. When we try to define this titan cosmic system placing human beings at center, we become helpless with no satisfying explanations especially in this era of fast and vigorous cognitive and scientific transformations and transitions. Finally, we desperately resort in some divine fables fabricated by our own limited minds to stop this meaningless pursuit instead of continuing our enquiry with the more realistic understanding about life and world as they actually are. Religions and gods dogmatize the ongoing universal program, whereas science and reason set themselves free to follow this unfolding program of universe with a novice’s spirit of wow. Therefore, the so called mystery of this universe is getting revealed to the scientific minds as they are open, not to the dogmatic minds which are closed to the fresh rays of learning.

First of all, what is important is to accept the reality of life and world that they are quiet natural and nothing special with any predestined purpose. For that, we must open our eyes to see our place and position in this world order rationally. Simply don’t ascribe some superior roles for humans in this order just to satisfy our fears and worries. Humbly accept our nothingness in this cosmic system and proudly accept our significance on earth so far because of our intellectual capability along with its scientific temper and instinct to conquest. Again, this is so simple to understand if you really think realistically. But, our take is just the opposite: we conceive ourselves so much significant in this world order with superior purposes and consider ourselves small on earth by simply believing false stories of divine roles of creation, sustenance and destruction. And, we end up in existential discontent with pseudo beliefs! We are taught to be docile to this superpower of stories not to this uncontrollable natural program of evolution and change. Keep in mind that this natural program can only be controlled or altered by human will and intellect to a small extent now and we are duly doing that today to a great extent.

Our society and culture taught us to humble before unanswered realms of our inquiry as mysteries from gods. But, let’s go further despising all such flimsy norms of the past inflicted up on us for better understanding and fuller living: yes, healthier and happier coexistence. All the known creatures remain in this world on the natural law of ‘Healthier and Happier Coexistence’ in their own level of instinct and consciousness. Only super conscious human beings can violate this universal law deliberately; whereas what is expected from us is to go by this with more awareness and importance. We need to consciously contribute to this law rather than other entities do this out of their natural instinct. Instead of just living a healthier life, do something intelligently to make the common health better. Instead of just living a happier life, do something intelligently to make the collective happiness better. And, instead of just living a coexistent life, do something intelligently to make our coexistence better. This is simply the purpose and meaning of our life in this world so far. Don’t misinterpret this very natural aim of our life with your contaminated minds of religious beliefs and spiritual biases. After reading this whole article, there can be a sect of people who are prepared to argue with me that gods will make us healthier, religions will make us happier and spiritualties will make us coexistent. My thumb down statement to them is simple: no more divinization of the scientific expositions of enlightened minds. Remember that this is how religions still survive around or among us! They reinterpret their so called divine dogmas (which can’t be changed as their rule) based on human scientific understandings to convince their vulnerable believers to follow their religious interests. They immerse undeniable scientific concepts into the ponds of religious misinterpretations and presents them to the general public for faithful obedience with no questions. They even explain and make missiles and bombs divine programs and spiritual missions. Daresay an emphatic no to such absurdities any more ahead for pure understanding about life and world. Thus, let us design our lives to fulfil the natural purpose of our life and to contribute to the natural meaning of our life i.e. Healthier and Happier Coexistence.


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