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Purpose of Life: Science vs Religion

Are you still confused about the fundamental aim of your life? Are you still in search of any supreme purpose and meaning for your life? Please don’t! There is no metaphysical aim, purpose or meaning for your life in this world or beyond. Our life is nothing special in this gigantic cosmic phenomena other than any other organisms or objects have here. Our deceptive mind fabricated some stories of consolation over our ignorance about this infinite world and our clever intellect coined some beliefs of life after death over our helplessness about this finite body. We are still in the furnace of those genetically imprinted dogmas and unwilling to rewrite the reality even after our scientific understanding about this universe. That is why world renowned scientists who scientifically know earth, sun, stars and galaxies ascribe the science of all those phenomena in a god. They believe that ‘god makes sun rises in the east’ instead to know that ‘sun rises in the east’. They are incapable of re