What is Your (My) Purpose of Life?

Purposeful life = Meaningful life. This is purely subjective when it comes to our lives individually. Purpose and meaning of your life must be defined by yourself. That is how my purpose of life differs from yours. As your purpose of life changes your meaning of life also changes. Whereas, when we try to define ‘the purpose’ of life instead of ‘your/my purpose’, we all get the same meaning and definition of life which we discussed in the previous post. What is purpose of life? Is it our goals or ambitions or wishes in life? No. Then what? Our purpose of life is the single cause that we are living our entire life for. Do we have ONE like that? Most of us do not have one yet. If so, we don’t have meaning of life too. Think about it. Living for the sake of living is not a purposeful and meaningful life. That kind of a life is with everything in this world like stars, planets, mountains, rivers, trees, animals, birds, and man too. Purpose comes from deliberation and deliberation is the r

The Purpose Vs My Purpose (of Life)

Let us leave the fundamental question “what is the purpose of life” unaddressed as that does not serve ‘our purpose’ of this discussion. Furthermore, I don’t recommend you to spoil your entire life to search and research answer to that impractical question to make yourself a ‘metaphysical philosopher’ and finally end up without any concrete answer to that question. In my opinion, whatever the answer you give to that fundamental question, it may change as life and time change. Because, the conclusions we arrive at today are based on our present understanding of life, time and the world. Though this fact is valid for even our physical questions too, our conclusions to that physical questions can serve and lead to better answers and findings on them tomorrow. Whereas, for metaphysical questions, if the conclusions are nullified, the concluders entire efforts are going to be useless and they do not serve anything  further anyway. Thus, those attempts become a waste of time, energy and reso

One's Destiny

‘Self Actualization through Self Realization’ is the DESTINY human life. As it’s destiny, it’s unavoidably obliged too. Regardless of our attention to it, it can happen consciously or unconsciously. Making it a conscious process is our duty anyway. Everyone has 'hisher' own unique destiny in life; and, which completes only at the accomplishment of hisher mission in this world. Destiny is nothing but the creative purpose (nothing divine here when I mean it) of a creature through its evolutionary progression. The nature has infused the ability and energy to actualize this purpose of creation within every creature. But, it is our obligation to realize our destiny and toil for its actualization as we are endowed with the faculty of mind. All other creatures and objects achieve their fulfilment through their ‘natural instinct’ and their destiny is to cooperate with and assist human beings to actualize their destiny. Because, by the gradual evolutionary development of man, the na

Code of Life (COL)

Every human being must have a ‘Code of Life’, either self made or adopted, for 'hisher' discipline and fulfilment of life. Let me delve straight into the matter. I stipulate a common ‘Code of Life’ (COL) for all that consists of only three golden rules: Concentration, Originality and Love (again COL). Concentration is nothing but the complete involvement of a person in each moment of his life. Even a single fraction of one's time should not pass 'himher' without hisher awareness of that moment. It is the state of mind to be developed with a superior level of attention. When we sleep, laugh, study, and even when we fight with someone, we must concentrate fully on it, so that the flaws of carelessness will not threat our activities and their result. The culmination of concentration of a human life is taking place at the time of hisher attentive death with the bliss of fulfilment. Originality is the state of human self observed of stainless individuality. In other wo

Success = Happiness

For me, being successful is being happy, and being happy is being successful. Then, in life, the secret of success is happiness, and the secret of happiness is success. If we continue our discussion like this, it will never get over. Therefore, let’s go specific to the matter. So, here is that precise question. what to do to become successful in life? Yes, here is the answer. Attain and maintain what makes you happy in life! As simple as that. But, what is 'that' makes you happy in life? What is 'that' to attain and maintain to be successful in life? Here comes difference in preferences among each one of us. Let that be naturally so. Everyone has a small list of priorities that makes him or her happy in life. Our prime list is too small. But, a long ever growing list is hidden within every one of us as part of our basic human nature. Let us forget about that unending long list as that can never be satisfied completely. My prime list contains only three elements that m

Mistakes Done In The Past

Do you regret about your mistakes in the past? If yes, very good. Correct them if possible; or else, decide not to repeat them anymore. Done. Do you feel guilty about your mistakes in the past? If yes, too bad. Because that can do nothing with your mistakes already done. But, your feelings of guilt can adversely affect on your today and tomorrow. Never ever allow them to spoil your life ahead. That's it. Even though your mistakes were deliberate, don't carry their burdens anymore ahead. Just shed them off from the shoulders of your mind now itself. Consider those mistakes as reflections of your immature understandings about them at that point of time. Learn lessons from them. Resolve and settle them. Make an emphatic decision not to commit them again. Cheer up and  live a changed life reflecting your wisdom attained from your mistakes in the past. Remember, life has to go on anyway, so make that to go well anyway. Eh?