Avoid Occasions (For Better Living)

You must have noticed the label on some packages: ‘Fragile! Handle with Care!’ When we seriously think about life, the label is very much applicable to it. Life is something fragile if we do not handle that with great care. If you think, let your life go on its own course, the label is not appropriate to your life. But, there will come some time when you realize that the label is valid for your carefree life too, even though you don’t care for that and go past ignoring such occasions. Interestingly, it is not because the label is irrelevant, but because you don’t value that. Anyway, a purposeful life cannot ignore the warning and live life without any precautions for the future. Because, there are variety of situations that can spoil many of your precious aspects of life if you don’t take strict preventive measures not to happen anything such. I made a detailed study on such occasions in people’s lives that must be avoided for a better living and a rewarding future.

1.    That Spoil Your Time

You have to avoid occasions that can spoil your valuable time and waste much of your portion of life. We all have only limited amount of time in this world – a few years with a few months with a few days consisted of some hours with some minutes and moments. Finished. Life is over! Remember that our life is set in a countdown mode (at least until science can do something drastic with our longevity). So, please avoid engagements of all types that are wastage of time. Time wasted is life wasted. But, that doesn’t mean that you should not have leisurely hours in your day, funny slots on your vacations and light moments with your friends. Whatever you do that must add more value to your and others life. Don’t forget that time and tide waits for none and a huge tide of illness, accident, or disaster can wash off your life at any point of time. And, you have no control over them to a great extent. Therefore, be watchful of your time allotted to you in this irretrievable life.

2.    That Spoil Your Health

When you are young and fit, you don’t value the importance of your health. Ask a sick and understand the worth of health. If you want to enjoy life in this world, the primary requirement is that you have to remain alive here. Healthy body is a must for happy living. Even when you get sick or hurt you know that you are restricted from much of the beautiful moments that life and world offer just in front of you. Avoid occasions that can harm your health: overeating or over fasting, substance abuse or alcoholism, lack of exercise or sleep, insecure sports or unwise adventures and so on. Your health is the smartest wealth you possess ever.

3.    That Spoil Your Effort

It is wise to avoid occasions that you are sure about wastage of your effort. Sometimes, people or contexts may prop up in a very tempting or compelling manner to invest your energy for some futile tasks. Stop them with a plain NO (in a graceful way if that offend someone you care for). Working for a project that you are sure about its failure, helping someone who does not value your efforts, assisting a program that they can do their own and allowing your colleague to take undue advantages of your helping character are some instances of wasting your efforts. Invest your energy for efforts that can bring in some good in your or others’ life.

4.    That Spoil Your relationship

Don’t let an irrational occasion spoil those precious relationships you both have developed with respect and dignity each other. Egoistic arguments with your partner, infidel behaviors against your friends, malicious rumors against your colleagues, and any other unfair occasions must be avoided to upkeep your relationships. It’s easy to spoil a relation on flimsy grounds, but very strenuous to patch up them to their original shape and sanctity. Man is basically a cluster of relationships. He cannot live alone. Our existence is coexistence and we survive because we make others to survive and vice versa. Act positively upon the gist of this philosophy of survival reciprocity.

5.    That Spoil Your Money

Money is for your comfortable and joyous living here. Don’t waste that. Use your money intelligently well. Spend your money to buy value for yourself and for your dear or near or deserving ones. Spend enough money and buy the best education for your kid, spend enough money and by a memorable vacation for your family, spend enough money and buy a life back for your friend’s daughter in hospital, spend enough money and buy a business for the service of people around. So, invest and multiply your money to secure your and others’ future.

Don’t be reluctant to say an emphatic NO to all those occasions that are potentially noxious to kill your time, health, effort, relationships and money. Once wasted, they are irreversibly lost forever.


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