How To Discover Your Purpose?

Do you have a purpose in life? if yes, great! Go on. If not, sorry! Get one. I have two queries to those don’t have a purpose in life yet. One, is it because you don’t want one? Two, is it because you could not find one? If your yes is to the first question, again sorry! But, still you have time and option to choose a purposeful and meaningful life. If your yes is to the second question, no worries. Let us go get one! How? Just come with me a little more time ahead. Ask questions to yourself and find answers for yourself when asked for. In the end you will come up with a purpose for you to live the rest of your life. Still, it’s up to you if that should be pursued or not. If not pursued, those who said yes to my first question are cleverer because they did not waste their time to discover a purpose. In my opinion, having an unpursued purpose and having no purpose are practically the same.

Now ask yourself and find answers to the following questions. Write them down in your journal for further consideration. In case you don’t have an answer ready for any question, take time and study well to get an answer. If no answer at all leave that and go for the next one.

  1. 1.    What is THAT best and the only thing you would love doing passionately in our life?
  2. 2.    What is THAT single activity that still excites you more than anything else in your life so far?
  3. 3.    What is THAT thing your mind is always clinging onto and is directed to?
  4. 4.    What is THAT area you tirelessly spend your maximum time and energy to study or develop?
  5. 5.    What is THAT thing you are competently good at doing compared to your peers and colleagues?
  6. 6.    What is THAT thing you are admired and appreciated by others personally or professionally?
  7. 7.    What THAT kind of people or objects or environment you would like to spend your time with?
  8. 8.    What is THAT thing you think, dream, or want to contribute to the world around you?
  9. 9.    What is THAT you would like to be known for or you would like to express about you publically?
  10. 10. What is THAT valuable change you would like to see, achieve, accomplish, happen, introduce, or fight for?

Here, some of you have only one answer for all the questions. Some others may have two or more answers. Let that be so. I always recommend you to choose your purpose of life in a very pragmatic way. As you will generally be so much serious about and involved in your purpose, make it a fulltime affair of your life. What I specifically mean here is that you have to make your purpose of life your source of income too. Because, if your purpose of life and source of income are different, you will struggle so much to settle with their contradicting or differing priorities. And, which will divide your time and energy for both and their concerns. Whereas, if they are one, you will have more focus and discipline for your single pursuit. Again, be specific in your choice of purpose with measurable indicators of progress and success. It will bring you the joy of growth and success in your life. See, both winning your bread and gaining your success by pursuing your purpose is a spectacular game you can exuberantly play with your life. You are free to decide yours.

Now, you have to ask the following five questions about each of THAT answers you got for the ten points above. It will help you to choose your purpose of life in a more intelligent and practical way. Write your answers against each of your points above.

  1. 1.    How can you use THAT for the good/service of others?
  2. 2.    How is the world around you going to benefit out of THAT?
  3. 3.    Is THAT sellable to generate revenue for you?
  4. 4.    Is there demand of purchase for THAT around you?
  5. 5.    Is THAT sustainable at least by improvements?

Think and study well before selecting your purpose of life because it must be capable of adding value and giving meaning for your journey in this world. Think and study well before selecting your purpose of life because it must be powerful enough to render you the feeling of fulfilment in pursuing THAT.

Are you still confused and unsure about what to choose for yourself? Remember, all those who asked themselves about their purpose of life have gone through uncertainties and insecurities before getting their greater meaning of life and reason for living THAT cause in this world. Get advice and assistance from an expert book, person or program meant to help in this direction. Relax and take your time think more and more study again and again about purposeful and meaningful life. A purposeful life will generally make its interventions for prosocial activities, financial developments, business establishments, creative contributions, societal recognitions, public influences, and system changes etc. Make sure that your purpose contribute to your life with social connections, self-expression, personal growth, achievement opportunities, thrill of excitement, impact of intervention and social recognition in this world. If yes with all the above, you are the luckiest to have a superior purpose in your life. Claim THAT. Enjoy THAT. Good luck!


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