The Purpose Vs My Purpose (of Life)

Let us leave the fundamental question “what is the purpose of life” unaddressed as that does not serve ‘our purpose’ of this discussion. Furthermore, I don’t recommend you to spoil your entire life to search and research answer to that impractical question to make yourself a ‘metaphysical philosopher’ and finally end up without any concrete answer to that question. In my opinion, whatever the answer you give to that fundamental question, it may change as life and time change. Because, the conclusions we arrive at today are based on our present understanding of life, time and the world. Though this fact is valid for even our physical questions too, our conclusions to that physical questions can serve and lead to better answers and findings on them tomorrow. Whereas, for metaphysical questions, if the conclusions are nullified, the concluders entire efforts are going to be useless and they do not serve anything  further anyway. Thus, those attempts become a waste of time, energy and resources to deem the lives of those attempters futile. Interestingly, those fresh findings are also awaited to be nullified by the generations to come and this process will continue forever. Then, I would suggest you not to spend your time and energy to solve such impractical questions assuming that you are gifted with a superior intellect with a superior purpose in life. This thinking can only make you a ‘superior fool’ in disguise. Sorry.

Again, don’t take it amiss that your question “what is ‘the purpose’ of my life?” to yourself will serve ‘your purpose’ of life or ‘our purpose’ of discussion here. Because, this question is also the same fundamental question we asked above. The only difference here is you just asked the question individually against generally. Yes, when you search for ‘the purpose’ of your life, you are ultimately searching for ‘the purpose’ of my life too. Because as a whole and as we all are human beings ‘the purpose’ of our life can never go individually different in this cosmic design. That is the only thing I am sure about 'the purpose' of life and I hope you too agree with me here.

Then, what is that right question that can take us to the right answer? What is that right interrogation that does not make us impractical jokers of life with regard to ‘our’ life? Here we go: “What is my purpose of life?” ‘My purpose of My life’ is the answer every one of us to search for. This is why it’s rightly said that the right question is the right key to the right answer. Ha ha ha! If the question is vague the answer is also vague. So, confidently ask now, “What is my purpose of life?” You will definitely get your definite answer to your definite question. If you find any difficulty to move further with your search for purpose, just wait for a while for my next appearance here, please.


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