How do you feel Purposeful Life like?

Now, let us discuss some of the interior and the exterior indicators of a purposeful life that are experiential to the purposer while heshe is living it out. The interior signs and the exterior signals one experiences while heshe is living a purposeful life are extremely significant for himher to move forward confidently and contently. A purposeful person must be watchful of them to examine if hisher ways are still right or wrong. And, it will help himher to correct and to confirm hisher ways ahead so that heshe never go deviated from hisher track of purpose and meaning.

Purpose influences your thoughts, words and actions. Purpose shapes your goals; purpose points your directions; purpose filters your priorities; purpose frames your environments; purpose schedules your days; and, purpose designs your future. Purposeful life has a sense of urgency against procrastinations and a will of discipline against timewasters. People with purpose don’t fret on small stuffs and don’t worry about past mistakes. They don’t stress on something that they can’t change; instead, they accommodate those uncontrollable aspect of life. Purposeful people generally enjoy longevity with lesser risk of diseases. In a way we can say that they seldom bother about their death or rarely serious about their ailments as they wisely maintain their food and exercise habits. They positively convert certain amount of stress and anxiety as purpose boosters and often utilize such psychological conditions as warnings for greater cautions and stricter actions. They mostly enjoy higher level of energy, amount of enthusiasm and degree of passion about their life and world compared to those who do not have a purpose in life. Because their life is driven by their purpose.

Purposeful people never battle with their past that can’t be changed anyway; but, they skillfully live their present hopeful of their better future. They always believe in the power of now. One’s life takes a paradigm shift from the moment sheshe discovers hisher purpose of life. Heshe will feel that hisher life so far lived was just a preparation for that epic moment and the saga of life ahead. Heshe feels like heshe is taking charge of the real course of hisher life ahead from now. They are unconcerned about what others are thinking and opining about their decisions and actions in life. Their conviction about their call surpasses such flimsy concerns around and about them. They begin to take ownership of their decisions and take responsibility of their consequences in life. They let go off their old identities and lifestyles until those no longer serve their purpose of life. They walk through the terrain of fresh realizations and fresh considerations.

Finding your purpose feels like finding yourself. You feel like a boulder is taken away from your shoulders and a cuff was broken off from your neck. You feel like you are breathing relaxed. You begin to experience real freedom and happiness from within. After finding your purpose you know who you are and what you are. You know where you go and what you want. You also know well about what to do, why to do and how to do in life and world. Nothing can stop you from doing what you do. Because you feel like you are doing the most imperative and inevitable thing in your life. Living your purpose is like walking along the path that is only yours. You may step off the path you were striding on to take the path your purpose leaving surprise in everyone around you. Again, you just feel like everything is happening for your season of time and everything is scheming for your reason of life. Cool, eh?


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