Purposes & Priorities of Life

In a very simple way we can say that our purpose of life is the purposeful change we are deliberately going to make in this world by living here. We can categorize purpose into many considering different aspects of the purpose and the purposer. Purpose can be positive and negative based on the result. If your purpose brings in constructive changes in this world, it can be called positive purpose. And, if the change is destructive, it’s negative purpose. Based on the intention of the purposer, purpose can be two types: selfish and selfless. If the purpose is for the egoistic gains of the purposer, it’s selfish; and if it’s with the altruistic motive, it can be called selfless purpose. Again, based on the awareness of the purposer about hisher purpose, they can be divided into four. One, unconsciously purposeless, is the one who is not aware that heshe has to have a purpose. Two, consciously purposeless, is the one who is aware that heshe is living hisher life without any pupose. Three, unconsciously purposeful, is the one who is living a purposeful life not knowing that heshe is living a purposeful life. Four, consciously purposeful, is the one who is aware that heshe is living with and pursuing for hisher purpose of life. Among the above, the forth one is the ideal and the first one is bestial. A very few falls into the third and a vast majority comes under the second category. That is why my discussion here on purpose of life becomes purposeful and therefore meaningful.

We can identify a person who is living with hisher purpose through hisher attitude and behaviour. And, the type of hisher purpose can be differentiated through the result or change taking place around hisher interventions in the field of hisher purpose. All hisher thoughts, words and actions are directed to make hisher purposeful change and focused to bring in hisher purposeful result. We cannot perceive any random acts that fills hisher day. All they are purposefully connected each other and meaningfully united together. Hence, none of hisher affairs are aimless or useless. Purposeful thoughts, meaningful words and fruitful actions are the specific signs of a person who is living hisher purpose of life.

Intensity of one’s conviction about hisher purpose is the yardstick to measure the distinction of impact heshe makes in the milieu of hisher intervention. One’s purpose of life can be addressing some problem, eradicating some pain, upgrading some situation, achieving some progress, solving some issue, introducing some innovation or anything else heshe finds worthy. Anyway all they are focused to bring in some change from what is today to what is tomorrow. It is not necessary that one’s purpose of life is different from the other as we all are living in this same world. So, often our problems can be similar, our needs can be same, and our aspirations can be common. And therefore, sometimes our purpose of life can be same too. Let that be so. And, if you find someone travelling along the same road you go, join hands with himher and move together to achieve more. Purposeful life has no enemies, and hence, no jealousy or no vengeance with anyone else around you. Whereas, if you are chasing a selfish goal, you may have many of them on your way. So check with your attitude towards your brethren to see how genuine your purpose of life is.

Other than purpose, there are some priorities in everyone’s life. If one is seriously purposeful in life, hisher list of priorities other than hisher purpose will be very small. On the other hand, if one has no purpose in life, heshe has a long list of priorities that will make himher meaninglessly busy in hisher entire life. Everything that attracts hisher attention is turning to be hisher matter of priority. But, in a purposeful life, the prime priority is hisher purpose, and then, a few essential priorities like health, family, friends, finance, and so on with only enough and due attention to all them. Nothing more or nothing less to those essentials priorities of life; but, all the more to one’s prime priority that is hisher purpose of life. That’s it. Eh?


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